Land of Festivals – INDIA

Land of Festivals – INDIA

India or Incredible India is a land of diversity. The diverse cultures, traditions, religions, languages, and castes make India stand united like no other. Hailing from different parts of the country, the time of festivities is the best time to see the real India, where the nation comes together to realize the significance of each other’s culture and celebrates it like a family.

Atulya Bharat’ as they call it, what makes it stay strong despite the diversity of religions, languages, cultures, and castes? It is the very essence of dynamic festivals rising from these divisions which bring in solace and peace in every individual being. These festivals may have different names; different Gods they pray, what brings them all together at one place is their sentiments attached to it.

Where earlier festivals were restricted to being celebrated in the region it belongs to, today it is celebrated like one’s own across regions. In today’s time, it is amazing to witness a woman of Catholic origin dressed in a salwar kameez dancing to the tunes of Dhol on Lohri, Punjabi woman donning a Tant saree, a Bengali traditional wear joins the celebration of Durgotsava and such examples are numerous. Regional festivals have in no time pushed regional boundaries to become the most celebrated days in India. People actively participate to become a part of the preparations from the perfect ambiance to traditional clothes to imitating the culture to the T.

The Indian nation is highly enthusiastic and adapting, and for this reason, every month people living in India celebrate one event or another with high spirit. The interesting thing to note is the festivals be it welcoming rains, or celebration of cultivation of crops or honoring the birth, homecoming or victory of-of a God is linked to powerful belief or a religious origin which leads to bridging gaps in people’s hearts and bringing them together under one roof re-instilling the faith of good over bad.

The power of the festivals even being celebrated in distant parts of the country can be recounted from the way corporates and brands are making use of it. Knowing the sanctity and sentiment attached to the community with their culture and traditions, brands have found a way to build an emotional connect with them by wishing the community and joining hands with them in unsaid ways to promote the festivals.

For example, Onam, one of the biggest festival of the year in Kerala is observed with giant conglomerates celebrating by decorating offices or organizing feats for the employees in the office. Brands are seen wishing the communities across social platforms in the native language of Kerala or planning a particular activity around that day for their customers. All this is a testament to the regional differences being bridged and brought under one umbrella to be celebrated by being one nation, India.

Another amazing example can be of the festivals of light Diwali, it lightens up every house in India regardless of any culture, religion, tradition or caste difference. The festival is celebrated by sharing pleasantries amongst family members, a Muslim neighbor sweetening mouth with sweets of a Punjabi family living next door, from Pooja to extensive meals prepared at the house the festival is all about exchanging the spirit with each other. It might surprise many to know that the festival originally marks Jainism, Hinduism, and Sikhism as primary religions for the festive celebration, however, it was long lost when INDIA as a whole came together and started celebrating the festival as a part of their own. The heart fills with pride when the regional differences are being adapted in a way that makes the country stand united and stronger. Let the array of festivals celebrated with no language, culture and caste make India continue to look a class apart.

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