Regional – A new Era in Communication Industry

Regional – A new Era in Communication Industry

Regional India, is that part of the country which now equally contributes economically and is at par with urban India at every level. The disparity between the regional and urban India lasted way too long up until metro cities which are few in numbers eventually started to show the signs of saturation.

The then known as a weaker section of the country- Regional India, dependent on urban cities, is the current heroes. It is now the solid pillar of the Indian economy, finance, infrastructural growth and not to mention bank of the unlimited human resource with immense potential the country has always been unaware of. Regional India has seen a massive economic growth and constructive opportunities which have to lead to many investors to take interest in tier 2 and tier 3 parts of India.

The paradigm shift in the way regional India is perceived today; specifically by our communication industry did not happen overnight. It took years to change the discernment about the potential regional India had. The transformation was gradual starting with the change in the consumer behavior owing to the availability of easy finances; willingness to spend and strive to consume mainstream products and services and a sea of opportunities that have perforated the non-metro zone. There is immaculate networking among rural consumers and they have a tendency to proactively seek information via multitude sources in order to be well informed before making any purchase decisions. Thus, gets very crucial for any brand to have an impeccable communication strategy in place before venturing in Regional parts of India in order to influence this pool of consumers effectively.

Regional India has emerged as a stronger facet contributing around half of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and is more than just about prices; it has broken all stereotypical notions and has evolved to look forward to value provided by products and services that involve aspects of price combined with utility, aesthetics, and features.

With the saturation in the economic growth in top metro cities in the country, a number of tier II and III cities have come into reckoning as the growth engines. With an aid of having increasing disposable income, the consumers in Regional India have turned out to be the potential opportunity which companies have been rooting to invest. While Regional India was turning a new leaf and had started being considered as an essential part of the country, equally contributing to the economy like any other metro city; the seeds of Regional PR- an extended arm of communication industry were also being sown.

The transformation in economic and social statistics of regional India has made it a distinct and inseparable part of our country and a larger pie imbibing the growth potential. Our communication industry is sailing in the same word-boat and hence the limelight Regional PR is gaining now. We have seen the transition of PR Industry from traditional to digital; now is the time for it to shift towards Regional.

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